Young artist pushing boundaries

Young artist pushing boundaries

Pursing dreams of working in the music industry is a distant dream to millions of people, but for local Chestermere talent it’s a reality.

In celebration of Kate Lynn Trang’s debut album hitting number 117 on the iTunes Canadian Pop Chart an album release party and solo concert is set for Sept. 15 at the Evergreen Community Spaces.

A typical day for Trang revolves around going to music lessons or practicing playing the piano, guitar, ukulele or trumpet at home for upcoming gigs.
“The rest of the day I would have free which gives me a little bit of time to be with my friends or take a break from all the practicing,” Trang said.

She added, “I always sang around the house when I was younger. My family would always get me to sing for and with them which is what gave my parents the idea to put me into a singing competition.

“I didn’t win, but had producers notice me instead. They invited me to sing for their events and concerts which is what lead me up to where I am now,” Trang said.

However, when Trang found out she would be performing her first solo concert, she was worried that she wasn’t ready to undergo the pressure and the commitment.

“Now that I’m seeing things come together and how hard people are working for this, it makes me want to work just as hard so I’m ready when the day comes,” Trang said.

“Performing this concert means a lot to me. I think of this as important because this concert will bring my family and friends all together which is what makes me happy,” she added.
“Every day I go through my songs and sing them through multiple times, especially the ones I’ll be playing on the piano and guitar,” Trang added, “I figure out how I should play this or that and what sounds best for my voice when I’m practicing.”

Although finding out Trang would be performing her first solo concert rattled her nerves she is determined to make the people supporting her proud.
“The best part about performing for me is the experience. I learn something new each time I perform.
“I get the best feeling once I finish performing and meet new people.”
In order for Trang to get to this stage in her career, she had to overcome numerous hurdles, including time management, and stage fright.
“Sometimes I would stay up late to finish my homework because I would be busy performing during the day and other times I would have to cancel a gig just so I could get everything in school up to date.

“It was hard at the start but later on I managed to get better at balancing when I should finish my homework and when I should practice,” Trang said.
She added, “I learned to not be afraid when I’m up on stage. When I was younger I was always afraid to go on stage and it would show with my shaky voice and stiff body. Now I can perform more comfortably.”
Trang is now focused on performing her best at the solo concert and continuing to write and record new music.

“I am writing a lot of original music right now and one day I hope to have my music heard by as many people as possible,” Trang said.

She added, “Please get your tickets to my concert and support a young artist. I have a lot of original music to share with you.”

To purchase tickets call 403-966-1583



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