According to her parents, Katelin Trang – known by her stage name Kate Lynn – was singing before she could speak. Piano lessons began at 4, vocal lessons at 10 and by 11 Kate Lynn was spending hours learning guitar by ear, with some additional help from YouTube.  By 12, she had written a dozen original songs and began performing at various open mics around the Calgary area.

During summer breaks, Kate Lynn would busk in the +15 corridors downtown and on Stephen Avenue to hone her skills.  From her busking rewards, Kate Lynn started to pay for her music lessons by age 11. Today, she still busks regularly to pay for music lessons, buy gear, cut demos and release new music. Busking also allowed her try out new music in front of a crowd -and  see what work. This has often led to paid gigs at weddings, birthday parties and other events. Her busking photos can be found on the city of Calgary tourism website and Calgary Stampede website.  “Busking has been tough – but I get to meet some great people – music fans and other musicians – some who have become family to me.”

As a 12 year old, Kate Lynn joined her first singing competition. Even though the minimal age was 13, she was approved by the organisers and placed 4th among the 25 competitors. Although she didn’t win, she caught the ear of an agent who offered more live performances, and a producer who recorded her debut EP. Kate Lynn spent 2 years in the studio where she further developed skills in song-writing, production, grants, marketing & promotion and royalties. The EP was released in May of 2018 and debuted at #117 on the iTunes Canadian Pop Chart.

After a special guest appearance at the prestigious Jack Singer Concert Hall, Kate Lynn was invited to open for another concert at Grey Eagle Event Centre and additionally to participate in a charity concert benefiting the Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta at The Bella Concert Hall on July 21, 2018.

“My parents always told me that I have a gift with music, but I better work hard if I want to make it in the industry.  My dad was a boat person who came to Canada as a refugee as a child in the 80’s, while my mom immigrated to Canada from the Philippines with her parents.  So I constantly feel grateful for the many opportunities I have had along the way and work hard to follow my passion, and also to make them proud” says Kate Lynn.

Kate Lynn comes by her talent quite honestly, as her great uncle  and his band were in residency in Las Vegas for 9 years in the 90’s.   Back home, they would give a young Kate Lynn tips on her performances – like connecting with her audience, working the stage and other useful things.

In the past few years Kate Lynn has opened for mega-star Filipino artists such as Martin Nievera, Bamboo, Regine Velasquez, Anne Kulit, Aegis, and others.

“Music is all around me – so outside of that – there’s not been much for me yet. I enjoy being around my friends, going out and having fun [because after all, I still am just a teen]. I play badminton and like to ride my long board around with my dog.

On September 15, 2018, Kate Lynn sold out her EP release concert at The Evergreen Community Spaces in Calgary.